Do you use just an ordinary bulletin? Here is the unique
TeamOffice bulletin.

Deliver your postings to your e-mail

When a posting is added on bulletin, it is automatically
delivered to your e-mail account. An user who isn’t a
member of TeamOffice can receive it as well.

This service is often used as a method to deliever
important messages such as team-notices.

Your e-mails sent to the bulletin

Each bulletin has its own address. E-mail anything or everything to the address. The text you will be automatically
sent to the bulletin.

Share bulletin with others

All bulletins are shared with a camp or a personal user.
You can limit “download”/”upload” privileges for each
user, so flexible management is possible.

Two types of bulletin

Two types of bulletins are offered: General bulletin and Memo bulletin. All members can create a bulletin according
to their tastes.