Web-based Teamware

Web-based Teamware

Teamware for any project, any issue and any topic, TeamOffice
A team leader is a CEO who actually leads a company in the front line of business.

Most companies consist of various teams. These teams, in fact, are in charge of important businesses
and carry them forward. Therefore, it is important that a team leader efficiently manages team
members and their tasks. Many companies try to find the solution that supports and manages their
businesses for a better outcome. However, most solutions currently in the market focus on either
the entire organization or individuals. In other words, these softwares are limited as a team

A team leader’s management skill gets more emphasized these days.

TeamOffice lets you see all the tasks you need to manage at a glance and
also helps you to plan how to push them forward. In addition, TeamOffice
innovated the old-fashioned business processes. Your entire business is
recorded and kept so that continuity is maintained even though staffs in
charge are often replaced.

Moreover, all team members are enabled to share each
ongoing task and schedule so that they become aware of
what others do, and collaborate with each other.

TeamOffice, designed for the convenience of clients,
is synchronized with e-mail, which helps you to adapt
to TeamOffice with more ease.

TeamOffice was originally designed for a team leader and team members.

TeamOffice is web-based, requiring neither a setup fee nor extra support
staffs. That means you can save both money and time. Moreover, updates
are offered in real time to provide more convenience to team work.

TeamOffice, the teamware for both leader and members,
will lead the trend of advanced team management with systematic
recordkeeping, seamless connection within teams, and substantial
collaboration among members.