Need a systematic process and want to realize it
for a project? TeamOffice Project helps you to do
it right. Monitoring all the projects by status
(standby, overdue, ongoing, completed)
is another powerful feature.

Check which project is ongoing

All projects in progress can be checked.
In addition, the availability of information

(person in charge, progress, deadline, etc.)
aids you in determining if your project is going well.

Works involved in a project also can be managed.

A work that belongs to a project displays
its status (standby, overdue, ongoing, completed),

helping you prevent even a minor work from
being late. Need to report a work in detail?
Conveniently link the work to your task and manage it.

Projects of the past

All the past projects are stored by category,
start/end date, reporter and so forth. So it’s easier
to search the projects you want, whether current or past.