How many tasks do you attend to each day?
If you had difficulty in handling them by yourself,
rely on the TeamOffice Task service.

When a new task comes up, decide who will be
in charge and set an end date. Collaborate
with your co-workers now!

Detailed task information

You can add detailed informations like “Reporter”,
“End date” and etc. for each task. When a task
is created, it is saved with category
classfication to enable convenient management.
Several members can co-work on the same topic
as well.

Check how many tasks your team members do

Check the number of tasks that members are
working on. Delayed tasks appear in red so
you can accordingly distribute work out to members.

Approve your task

After you complete a task, it can be approved by the
approver you select. The selected approver can either
approve or reject a task.

Check how the tasks are going

All tasks have their own status (ongoing, overdue,
pending, standby, on hold, completed).
Delayed tasks can be managed even after completion.